AED Total Cost of Ownership

Determining the best AED and a defibrillator’s “total cost of ownership” is one of the most important decisions a buyer can analyze prior to selecting and buying a new defibrillator.

The total cost of ownership is the AEDs purchase price + future batteries, electrode pads, and other supplies that might be required over a given timeframe.

But, let’s face it, it seems like every AED manufacturer can shape the story as to how their AED’s total cost of ownership makes them appear the best, er, lowest. HOW CAN THAT BE?!

Here’s how: the AED manufacturers pick and choose their analysis timeframe.

For example:

  • In a one-year window, a low priced AED, like the Philips OnSite might look great – because nothing needs to be replaced, but
  • In a four-year window, the OnSite needs new pads and new batteries, but the ZOLL doesn’t so it looks good. Then,
  • At year five, the ZOLL AED Plus needs an expensive new electrode pad, so another AED looks good again…on and on. You get the point.

So, how can a buyer get rid of the nuance and just learn the facts?

Well, fortunately, we’ve created a website widget that lets you decide how you want to analyze the data.

  1. Chose the timeframe you’d like to analyze (in years)
  2. Choose the AEDs you’d like to compare.
  3. Review the data! Boom. That’s it!

Happy comparing. We hope this tool is useful in understanding and calculating the true total cost of ownership in whatever window of time is best for you.

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