AED Indemnification Policies

Yeah, we know, talking about AED indemnification policies isn’t as glamorous as thinking about saving lives! But, it remains an important criteria to evaluate when considering the purchase of an AED unit.

Indemnification is defined as “transferring liability to another party.” In cases of AED units, AED indemnification policies relate to when AED unit manufacturers might step in to cover legal costs and other liabilities.

If you buy an AED with a strong indemnification policy that is stacked on top of AED Good Samaritan laws and your general liability insurance policy, you’re able to maximize your legal protection.

Even though we don’t want to think about it, we live in a litigious society. Even if you’re doing everything possible to run a safe, effective, and legally compliant life-saving AED program, you should think about how to maximize your legal protections.

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